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「Your eyes can deceive you; don't trust them」・ ・ ・ v i d e o N O V A


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A wide range of Korean, Japanese, Chinese and other Asian movies.
Welcome to videonova, home to Asian movies old and new. Here, you can find movies of all genres, ranging from horror to romance to comedy and back again! Originally founded by sanaka, this community is now jointly run by a_small_star and gogoparty, but does accept (moderated) submissions from all members.

While we at videonova are a lenient bunch, there are a few rules which we expect the members to abide by -- most are self-explanatory, but they are as follows:

1. Use the tags to your advantage -- and ours! Always tag posts using the already existing tags. This will make your upload easier to find at a later date, and more accessible to newcomers. By typing in the "tag" entry box, LiveJournal will attempt to complete your tag with a pre-existing one; try a few different spellings if you're unsure or check the community's sidebar beforehand. If you're posting something that should have tags that are not already listed, please contact the maintainer to have your tag added to the list.
2. Please keep your submissions relevant. ♥ Nobody likes spam in their inbox, right? Let's stick to what videonova is all about -- the movies. On that note, we don't allow any advertisement, but feel free to contact us about becoming an affiliate!
3. Let's all be friends! This should go without saying, but remember to be nice to one another. Comment when you download -- a simple "thanks" or "this was good" is fine; let's all work together to make one another feel appreciated and steer each other in the right direction about what to upload. There will be no flame wars; this will result in comment deletion and eventual removal from the community for all repeat offenders. :[


1. Only Asian movies will be allowed. This means no dramas, music videos, or anime -- animated films will be accepted on a case-to-case basis; however, if they are a tie-in to any series they will not be allowed. Documentaries are acceptable only if they are about Asian culture and OSTs are accepted so long as they tie in to a film that has been posted.
2. All movies posted must have English subtitles. Other languages are acceptable only in addition to English subs.
3. Direct Download only! Torrent files are not allowed. Additionally, only files hosted on MegaUpload will be tagged. You are welcome to use other hosts, but they will not be tagged unless there is a MegaUpload mirror.
4. Images for films may not be wider than 300px. Please don't break the layout. D: It's recommended that you post an image of the film's promotional poster along with your files.
5. Mature content should be clearly marked. Let's not scar the little ones, okay? ♥


1. Check the tags before you make your request! And then check a second time. If the film you're requesting has already been uploaded, your request will be rejected; first-time offenders will be directed to the tags, while repeat offenders will simply be rejected with no note sent.
2. Try and know the name of the film you're looking for. It's much easier for everyone to help one another if we have a name to go on.
3. Please only request movies that have had a DVD release. We all know how horrific the quality of theater cams can be. With that in mind, please refrain from requesting (or posting) files of this nature.


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